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Varieties of Sod - Find the Right Type of Sod

There are many varieties of sod. Take a look at their qualities and uses so you can make the right choice for your lawn.

Bahiagrass or Bahia Grass

This variety of sod is a low-maintenance sod used in warm coastal areas, it is tough and will grow in poor, sandy soil. It is course-textured and wears well. Bahia Grass establishes itself at a moderate speed and requires frequent mowing; however, it tends to be susceptible to dollar spots, brown patches and mole crickets.

Bermudagrass or Bermuda Grass

This variety of sod wears well and stays green longer than other warm-season grasses. It is fairly drought tolerant, but thrives when given abundant water. It is also known for establishing itself rapidly. Bermuda grass is common in the mild-winter West Coast, southern regions and parts of the Midwest.

Buffalograss or Buffalo Grass

A warm-season sod, Buffalo Grass grows to only 4 inches, so it can go without mowing. The variety has fine-textured gray-green blades that create a nice looking but not manicured lawn. It does best in the Plains States east of the Rockies. It stays attractive from spring until frost. From fall to winter it turns a pale straw color. It is not fussy about soil and does well in clay.

Centipede Grass and Carpet Grass

Both are great warm season grasses for light shade areas.


There are two varieties: tall and fine. Tall fescue is drought-tolerant and is known as a cool-season grass, meaning it grows actively during the cooler spring and fall weather. It grows well in sun or light shade and can take heat well. Fine fescue is extremely shade tolerant and is great for foot traffic. It includes several varieties such as Chewings Fescue, Hard Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This sod type is best suited to full sun in areas with cool summers. As such, it grows throughout North America, except in the southern regions. Kentucky Bluegrass is often used in public parks because it is one of the most cold-hardy grasses; however, it requires regular watering to stay healthy during periods of drought. It is known for its thick, dense turf and fine texture. Unlike some of the older species of Kentucky Bluegrass, some of the best new cultivars such as `America’ , `Blacksburg’, `Blue Star’, `Eclipse’ and `Julia’ are disease resistant and may require less maintenance.

Poa Bluegrass

A rough stalk bluegrass that is often considered best for high shade because of its indifference to water conditions. That said, if you sod with Poa Bluegrass, make sure you reseed with the same because it doesn’t mix well with other deep shade grass because of its light green color.

Rough Bluegrasses

Great shade tolerant grasses; however, they must have a few hours of direct sun to thrive.


This variety of sod comes in two forms: annual and perennial. It germinates quickly, wears well and thrives in sun. It is not tolerant of extreme heat or cold or drought. Annual ryegrass is used in the South during winter to over seed dormant warm-season grasses. Perennial ryegrass is one of the main components of cool-season grass mixes and is very shade tolerant; however, as the name indicates, you’ll have to over seed your sod on an annual basis.

St. Augustinegrass or St. Augustine Grass

This type of sod is a coarse warm-season grass that is well-adapted to the humid coastal areas of the South. It is the coarsest of all turf grasses and stands up to shade and high traffic. It is not tolerant of freezing temperatures.

Velvet Bentgrass

A shade tolerant grass, cool season grass with an excellent reputation.

Zoysiagrass or Zoysia Grass

Mainly found in the Central United States, this variety of sod grows best in hot weather. It becomes brown and dormant in freezing temperatures. It is winter hardy, but it is also slow to green up in spring. It has dense grass that is tolerant of shade.

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