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How Much to Lay Sod? (Per Sq. Ft.)

Hiring a service to lay sod usually cost about $2.10 per square foot.

This includes the sod itself and all installation labor. Site preparation and grading may not be included.
Updated: 11/21/2017
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The cost of sod installation depends on:

1. Current condition of the area. Are you planting a brand new lawn or replacing an older lawn?

2. Is soil testing included? Is the pH level of your soil ideal for growth? If the soil is not right, the sod may not take root. Steps can be taken to improve the quality of soil, but this should be done before the sod is laid. If you are interested, we can help you find a local soils engineer.

3. The type of turf you select. There are many varieties of sod. It's important to chose a species of grass that can thrive in your area. Warm season grasses are ideal for hotter climates. Cool season grasses are better equipped to handle to lower temperatures.

4. Amount of site preparation. Does the existing lawn need to be removed first? Does the area need to be graded? How much topsoil needs to be brought in?

5. Amount of sod being laid. How large is your yard? How many pallets of sod have been ordered?

6. Type of equipment required. Most jobs won't require heavy machinery. However, the contractor may need to rent a backhoe loader for major grading projects.

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Sod Laying Cost Estimates
Savannah, GA$1.18 - $1.37 per sq. ft.
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In addition to the factors listed above, your geographic location may also impact the cost of installation. Sod prices can vary greatly by region. If you don't see your city listed in the table, you can find more local sod pricing information in our cost report.

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How Much Does It Cost to Sod a Yard?

How Much Area Does a Pallet of Sod Cover?Top answer: 400 - 500 sq. ft.

Is it possible to overwater my new sod?Top answer: Yes

Does newly laid sod need to be thatched?Top answer: No, never

Approximately how long should it take for one person to install a pallet of sod? (about 450 square feet)Top answer: 1 to 2 hours

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