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What is the most common mistake people make when installing sod?

Updated: 08/10/2016
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Answer: Soil Preparation and Pest, Fungicide treatment
Florida Lawn Masters
Answer: 1. Not being ready to receive the sod delivery To guarantee that you get the freshest sod possible, it’s usually cut-to-order late in the afternoon prior to delivery or very early that same morning. In addition to the turf and soil that you can see, every piece of sod also contains millions of micro-organisms. These “critters” respire, and thereby generate heat and carbon dioxide. But when sod is harvested and stacked on a pallet, the heat cannot escape. Within 24 to 48 hours sod can reach a temperature of over 54° C, which can be fatal to the grass plants. So it is imperative that the sod doesn’t sit, stacked on the pallet, for any length of time. This is why it is important to make sure you arrange the delivery date of your sod be after you have your site ready, so you can immediately begin installation after the pallets are unloaded (delivered). #2. Not properly preparing the soil When you lay good sod on poor soil, the sod won’t root, the density of the turf declines, and the grass dries out in the summer. To give sod the porous, moist, and cool conditions that promote the best rooting, till the soil, remove any debris and rocks, and make sure your soil has plenty of organic matter. Use a soil test to determine the amount and type of amendments the soil needs to maximize your results. Keep in mind, the best time to improve the soil of your new lawn is before you plant it! #3. Under-estimate the amount of sod you’ll need Not being able to finish the job because you’re a few pieces of sod short is very frustrating! Determining the amount of grass you’ll need requires some careful measurements and calculations. The turf farm can assist you in sketching out a diagram of your lawn and calculating the amount of sod you’ll need. A small amount of excess is probably preferable to any shortage, unless the sod farm or outlet is convenient and you don’t mind stopping everything while someone makes a trip for what’s needed. #4. Buy poor quality sod The small amount o
Lawn Ranger
Answer: on the edge a bad install will look like a giant elevation change from a neighbors lawn to yours. the soil level should remain constant even if that means removing soil.
Main Street Mowing
Answer: watering it
Roots 'n Shoots LLC
Answer: Not keeping soil properly
Aries Landscape & Construction
Answer: Not watering enough
Hardscaping Plus
Answer: Over watering
Caribbean Services
Answer: They dont properly prep or over water
AHS Pro Landscape
Answer: no experience
Attractive Landscaping
Answer: Not doing there home work on how to install and taking care of it.
Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC
Answer: Not giving it plenty of water
cayeringservices lawn & landscapes
Answer: Overwatering and under watering, also not preparing the soil properly. Or to not install it properly.
Land Tech Landscapes
Answer: Most people do not get a soil sample prior to sod installation. Knowing what the soil lacks will yield the best results for sod.
Green Seed Landscaping
Answer: Leaving air pockets under the sod or laying sod without backing
Pinnacle Landscape and Maintenance
Answer: bad preperation
Sod Sales Direct
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